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Bighorn Basin Overview

Bighorn Basin is one of the plateaus in the state of Wyoming and Montana. It's located in the north-central side of Wyoming and surrounded by mountainous ranges and rivers, thus attracting many tourists from all across the U.S. The main cities include Cody, Thermopolis, and Powell, which is also a popular tourist destination. Bighorn Basin is home to ancient plants and fascinates visitors. The principal industries in Bighorn Basin are oil, bentonite, mining, ranching, farming, and similar related agricultural industries; you can find a list of industries and their contact numbers at These industries contribute to the economic growth and development of the Country.

Popular Tourist Attractions

The major tourist attractions include Boysen State Park and Gannett Peak. The Peak is the highest point, thus a source of attraction for tourists across the region. The Oregon Trail and Grand Teton National Park are also some of the major landmark sites. The giant Rocky Mountains, wilderness areas, and largest glaciers in the lower 48 states are some of the notable features of this area. It is a wonderful tourist destination, allowing the user's to spend their leisure time with friends or families enjoying the outdoors. There are also recreational activities such as hiking, zip-lining, and rafting and the area is full of such recreational choices.

Infrastructure & Businesses

The economy of Bighorn Basin relates to the cattle industry, tourism, and mineral extraction. The area is rich in uranium and land stone. It serves as a major economic hub and tourist destination for the state. The cultivation of beets and other local crops are some of the agricultural employment opportunities. You can find the phone number of every single popular occupation in the Bighorn Basin via In addition to agriculture, the Basin is rich in oil and gas reserves. The area has a well-built infrastructure that connects states and national Highways. The city’s rich mineral resources offer business opportunities to entrepreneurs and developers.

Arts & Culture

Bighorn Basin has a rich cultural heritage. It is the pocket of Wyoming, which is one of the leading tourist destinations because of its well-maintained museum and monuments. It also has historical significance because this area is home to dinosaurs. The banks of the River and the Blue Mountains fascinate the visitors with their serene beauty. The state of Wyoming organizes many programs to attract the visitors and tourists, such as music festivals. The Boysen Reservoir is a major source of attraction for campers and fishermen and fisherwomen throughout the season.

Bighorn Basin Education

Bighorn Basin schools provide the avenue for primary public education. The college provides a two-year education program, which is part of the Northern Wyoming Community College District. You can get more information about the degree programs they offer by contacting them, and easily get their phone numbers from There is also Bighorn Basin Paleontological institute that is a non-profit organization. It is dedicated to research in paleontology and earth sciences.

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